What we do

Snow leopard conservation meets local communities & environment.

Simply put, Pangje Foundation is dedicated to advancement of snow leopard conservation initiatives that simultaneously help local communities and the greater Himalaya environment.

The most beautiful aspect of what we do is that our programs are for the people, by the people, with both communities and snow leopards realizing the benefits.

We promote snow leopard conservation through education

Our cornerstone program, Stewards, offers unique educational experiences to local school kids in Nepal. By teaching the kids about the environment, conservation, and why apex predators like the snow leopard are essential to not only biodiversity, but the culture of the people; the kids are becoming present and future stewards of their environment, their heritage, their world. On a larger scale, the kids are opening their hearts and minds to the greater world community and becoming true global citizens while serving as leaders of snow leopard conservation.

Building on the principles of the Stewards program, Pangje is actively developing additional education and conservation programs designed to offer Nepalese students and families a complete spectrum of opportunities….from real-time interactive learning experiences with students across North America and around the globe; to scholarships, internships, and higher education support. The end result is local communities helping snow leopards and snow leopards helping local communities.

Snow leopard