Saving snow leopards.
Helping communities.

An organization dedicated to protecting snow leopards, helping local communities and supporting the greater Himalaya environment.

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Pangje Foundation is dedicated to advancement of snow leopard conservation initiatives that simultaneously help local communities and the greater Himalaya environment. The most beautiful aspect of what we do is that our programs are for the people, by the people, with both communities and snow leopards realizing the benefits.

What is our…


A globally recognized conservation organization dedicated to nature and culture conservation that creates lifelong environmental stewards – in a fast-changing society – building passion for excellence and embracing diversity and inclusion.


To create a world that fosters community-based stewardship of wildlife and their habitat. To help build environmentally and culturally conscious communities living in harmony with the snow leopard.


To conserve the snow leopard, in partnership with local communities, through education, and integration of culture, traditions, and sciences.

Pangje is expanding

We are embarking on a multi year goal to expand across all 11 districts within Nepal that are home to snow leopards. This will be the most comprehensive geographic coverage of in-country programs of any snow leopard conservation organization among all 12 range countries in the world.

Pangje Foundation Multi-Year Expansion Plan - Nepal


Nepalese slang for Snow Leopard

The snow leopard is a cornerstone species that acts as a leading barometer for overall health of the environment. On the endandgered species list, Snow Leopards are a magical part of the Himalaya landscape. Pangje Foundation’s programs are geared to not only help the Snow Leopards fight for survival, but to also utilize the Snow Leopard as a vehicle for community and cultural support through innovative community driven initiatives.

Pangje Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization dedicated to advancement of Snow Leopard conservation initiatives that simultaneously help local communities and the greater Himalaya environment through support of community based stewardship programs and unique educational opportunities.